My Story

I always feel like I am being creative. When I was a child, I eagerly awaited the start of art classes at school. I drew various development projects for school or just for my own enjoyment.

I loved the time I visited my great-grandmother because she showed my how to crochet for the first time. That was an exciting and unforgettable memory. At that time I crocheted a small square of cotton yarn. It was nothing to her, but something new to me, and it was not long before I fell in love with my next creative adventure. As I grew.

Focused on my studies, I stopped crocheting until one day.

I woke up one morning feeling so cold and lonely. I wondered what I could do to brighten my day and and make my bed and room warmer and more comfortable. The ideas started flowing into my head. I wanted to create something that will change the energy and  look of my room. 

It only took me minute to come up with the design of the blanket I wanted.

I called my mom and she sent me a high quality wool. The blanket I crocheted was fantastic. It took me almost a week, but it was worth it. Still, there was something missing. I wanted an even softer and warmer blanket.

And that's how it all started almost four years ago.

I decided to open my own online shop because it was my chance to spread the word and find people around the world who appreciate what I do.

You probably feel the same way I do, or you just want to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

I believe that this is the right place for you.

I am always ready to help and support you no matter what the case is.